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Danielle RDH, our Founder and President, with valued client, Joe.

Mobile Dental Care & Specialized Oral Health Services

President’s Note

My name is Danielle Pietraszewski. I am a Registered Dental Hygienist and the Founder and President of Oral Health Solutions NPO. I am so proud to be part of this beautiful organization where we are able to genuinely make a positive impact in so many individual's lives!

We Specialize in Geriatrics 

The aging population is among the highest underserved dental population across the United States today. Lack of resources from financial, physical, health, etc limit access and availability to acquiring dental care. 

Our Non-Profit Organization was established to meet this need. We are a Michigan based organization, with accreditations, permits and licenses to practice as a Mobile Dental Facility. Our fully licensed and insured dental professionals have specialized in senior oral health care delivery and end of life palliative oral care. Our team is amazing at working in all aspects and degrees of systemic health. The patient is our focus. Their comfort, and their enhanced systemic health beginning with oral health is our goal. We take pride in establishing relationships with our patients that extend beyond provider care. We become life long friends for health. With each level of independence, we offer services to maintain and acquire oral comfort and health. From the hospital in ICU or post-op, while in a nursing home or receiving nursing care, in a rehabilitation facility or during therapy, at an assisted living facility or in a group home, or with end of life care, Oral Health Solutions NPO has the tools and skills to offer modifications to dental products to maintain oral maintenance independence and provide dental cleanings and care within the comfort of their home. 

Our equipment is all mobile, however it looks exactly as you would see it in a dental office. We carry it in custom military grade cases to protect it from the environment and keep it sanitized. When we visit our patients in their home, we can treat them from our mobile dental chair or their own wheelchair, couch or bed; wherever they are most comfortable. Dental services are provided, we offer oral hygiene instruction and custom dental modifications for patient maintenance, then we pack up our things and follow up with the patient within the next few days. 

Due to the overwhelming need for our care, we are available 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. We strive to accommodate the patients best time of day for care and their families convenience, if they choose to participate. We work very closely with ALL members of the patients healthcare team. The patient, their family, their caregivers, their therapists, Doctors, and previous Dentists will all be a part of the collaborating team we establish to provide our patients the most comprehensive quality services available.